joi, 10 iulie 2008

Relative Sizes
The size of Israel is:

1/6 of 1 percent (1/625) of the land of the Arab League Nations
Approximately the size of New Jersey
1/20 the size of California
2/3 the size of Belgium
1/26 the size of France
Slightly larger than Kuwait
Jewish and Muslim Populations Compared

5.5 million Israeli Jews compared to more than 300 million Middle Eastern Arabs and Muslims
13 million Jews worldwide compared to 1.3 billion Muslims worldwide
Religious Majorities in Countried around the World

56 nations have Islamic majorities.
49 nations have Roman Catholic majorities.
20 nations have Protestant majorities.
12 nations have Eastern Orthodox majorities.
4 nations have Hindu majorities.
1 nation has a Jewish majority.

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