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Online Jewish Music Radio and TV

Cantors, Klezmorim and Crooners: 1905-1953
Including some of the greatest Yiddish recordings of the 20th century from the over 6,000 records in Associate Director Sherry Mayrent’s important collection.

Online Jewish Music Radio and TV

Radio Programs
Aish Talmid of Los Angeles
Aish Talmid of Los Angeles Web has Streaming Jewish Music

Anthology of Jewish Music
The radio show, Anthology of Jewish Music, is broadcast in Vancouver, British Columbia, on CFRO 102.7 radio, and heard every Sunday from 10 to 11 a.m. The Co-Hosts are Alan Tapper and Ethan Minovitz.
Email: eminovitz@canoemail.com

Arutz Sheva
Hear Live Radio from Israel, including news, music and ads. You can hear prior broadcasts from a calendar of the news.
In English:www.IsraelNationalRadio.com live radio link http://www.israelnn.com/metafiles/asx/israelnationalradio.asx
For Hebrew: http://www.a7.org/ OR www.israelnn.com

Ben Gailing Memorial Page
Tribute to the great dedication of Ben Gailing to Jewish radio.

Jews and Blues:Inside Out
A radio program from WBUR in Boston, an NPR station. The program originally aired in the summer of 2001. It shows how the Jewish and African-American music became merged in America. The entire documentary can be heard on WBUR's website. Researched and narrated by Michael Goldfarb.

The Borscht Blender
Champaign-Urbana, Illinois is the site of WEFT 90.1 FM, Sundays 4pm, with Ron Neimark and Robin Arbiter, hosts.

Brandeis University Radio: WBRS
Brandeis University's radio station has three Sunday programs relating to Jewish music. At 11:00, hosted by Shachar Gilad, is Kol Yisrael which features Israeli music. At 12:30 is a program entitled Just Like You hosted by Forsan Hussein and Michael Bravly which has talk and music about Palestinian and Israeli music. At 2:00 is The Yiddish Hour with host Sara Ravid. Students wishing to participate or share music for any of these shows should contact the main station number at 781-736-5277. WBRS has a policy to play the music it receives.

Chagigah is on WERS (88.9 fm),in Boston area, Sunday mornings between 8:00-11:00. From 8:00-9:30 they play Yiddish theatre and then Klezmer. From 9:30-11:00 they play Israeli, mainly contemporary rock. When they have live groups on, it is usually between 9:00-11:00.

David Dalle's World Music
CKCU-FM 93.1 in Ottawa, Canada, Thursdays, 1-4pm includes heavy doses of klezmer music.

FiveTownsRadio Radio shows on Jewish music, running mostly Sunday through Thursday, 9pm-10pm with the "Best Jewish Music Mix" running during the day hours till 9pm and then 10-midnight. Web users just having to click on "Listen to FTR". Very easy to use. There's also a link to Israel National News with scrolling headlines in a small box. Station is run very much like a teenage top 40 radio station except the recordings are Orthodox tunes. You can contact them at Mail@fiveotwnsradio.com

Half hour klezmer show from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, on station CFMU 93.3, McMaster University Campus/Community, Sundays, 8:30am.
Email: wingspans2@aol.com

HaGalil OnLine
A really exciting site from Munich, Germany promoting Israeli, Jewish, Yiddish and Klezmer music as well as other cultural activities of Judaism from central Europe. Sophisticated Real Audio Direct Streaming Sound 24 Hours "radio" as well as sound selections from recordings. Features many selections of popular Israeli artists, old recordings, chazzanuth and much more. Features cultural sites and information about Jewish communities from Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Austria as well as other European nations.

Israeli Music Online
The Israel Hour is a radio program produced in New Brunswick, New Jersey, WRSU-FM 88.7, Sundays, 1-2. The website contains information about Israeli contemporary music, links to news, and feature stories about the current Israeli music scene. The webpresentation of this site has become more organized. Linked through Sabranet.

Israel Radio International
All non-Hebrew broadcasts are now on the REQA network. Reshet Alef and Reshet Moreshet have amalgamated.

Jewish Broadcast
Welcome to the official launch of the first & only all in one online Jewish radio station. Featuring 5 channel streaming audio 24 hours a day. Featuring Chassidic, Israeli, Yiddish and Klezmer. Features many Orthodox performers such as Mordechai Ben David.

Jewish Internet TV
Jewish Internet TV is dedicated to providing a platform for the Jewish voice in America and the promotion of Jewish artistic, political, educational, and intellectual leaders. JITV offers multi-media presentations. From Charlotte, NC.

JM in the AM
Nachum Segal hosts on WFMU this very popular program via Windows Mediaplayer. 6-9am Monday thru Friday, on 91.1FM (NY/NJ); 90.1FM in the Catskills. Much of the music is aimed at the frum community, but all kinds of music is aired. Archives of the show are available at: http://wfmu.org/playlists/JM in Realmusic format. See article from NY Times: http://www.jmintheam.org/pages/nachumnyt.htm .

Jewish Spectrum
This program presents Jewish music and culture from all over the world, Sundays, 5am -7am on KOPN-FM 89.5 in Columbia, MO. Hosted by Carol Greenspan. cmgreenspan@msn.com, KOPN/Box 19, 915 E. Broadway, Columbia, MO, USA. Carol writes: "it is crucial that we share the beauty of our multifaceted culture for both ourselves and others. In the modern assimilated world, it is easy to lose sight of how extraordinary and broad our culture is and has been." Playlists since January 2007 are on the web at www.kopn.org. Click on the archive for back dated playlists.

Jewish TV Network
News in English and music from Jerusalem.

Jewish World Today
'The Jewish World Today' can be heard every Sunday morning 11am U.K. time = 6am EST. for one hour. on www.svt.org.uk or www.soundradio.info It is a magazine programme, bringing features about Jewish life in England, interesting reports, a short bulletin of News from around the Jewish World, and the news from Kol Israel, the National Radio in Israel. All interspered with some music.

Tunes broadcast on this station are all my original compositions. Original Jewish, Greek, Armenian, Russian and Balkan Compositions by Alan Zemel.

Klezmer and Yiddish Radio Shows
Organized by location, Ari Davidow's listing of radio shows with klezmer and Yiddish music contains information about the location of the show, times, area coverage, and content notes.

The Klezmer Hour
Hosted by Seth Rogovoy and orginiating from Williams College radio station WCFM (91.9 FM) in Williamstown, MA. Broadcast in real time on the Internet, Mondays, 9pm Eastern time.

The Kol Isha Show
Rockin' Rebbetzin Michele Garner runs this show on WSIA on Friday mornings, 10am-1pm.e-mail Rockin' Rabbi & Rebbetzin at Staten Island, 88.9 FM. OrPnimi@aol.com or Rockin' Rabbi & Rebbetzin @ WSIA

Kol Israel
Links to various Israeli media, including radio, tv and newspapers. Also links to English language Arab news from Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Palestinians. Music, news, arts, entertainment, sports and more.

Kosher Korner
"We play a wide range of Klezmer, spiritual rock, Israeli, Yiddish, comedy and just about anything else Jewish I can get my hands on."--Arye Berk

Live Radio on the Web
A guide to radio stations broadcasting in Real Audio called "Mike's World". Scroll down to Israel and there are six different stations that can be listened to from Israel live. Must have Real Audio capabilities. Can listen to everything from Israeli "top-40-style" to Chassidic music.

Netscape Radio:World Music: Klezmer
Just go to www.netscape.com and click on the Radio icon at the top left. You will see all of their stations. The Klezmer station is under World Music. It plays nonstop Klezmer music 24/7.

11AM until Noon on WMRD-AM 1150 based in Middletown, CT and simulcast on WLIS-AM 1420 in Old Saybrook, CT. Host: Richard Kamins. Features "...eclectic mix of music from around the Jewish world, including Klezmer music, Broadway tunes, eastern European folk music, Israeli music, jazz, and much American creative Jewish music..."

Nusach Maven
Nusach Maven is 24/7 Cantorial music online. Radio can be heard at 11am and 10pm eastern time. It is a show "dedicated to the art of the chazzanut both classical and modern." Host is Winston Weilheimer.

Ohradio is a music website sponsored by IsraelVisit. Ohradio is a new Jerusalem-based producer of music CD's and audio dramas. The first two releases are The Mysterious Golem of Prague, a full length audio drama, starring Leonard Nimoy (Startrek's Mr. Spock), and PROPHECY, Music from the Kabbalah.

Jewish Broadcast
A five channel streaming audio 24 hours. Includes music from Mostly Music...Includes news, concerts, interviews and a anew releases area.

Radio Hazak Includes music and translations to songs.

Shalom America
Phil Fink's radio show Shalom America is broadcast Sunday through Friday on the Internet website through GlobalNet Radio and Sundays on WELW 1330AM from Cleveland, Ohil, 7-9am. Website features streaming audio, midi selections and samples of recordings. Audio clips require higher level audio computer software, Netshow, to hear selections.

Shalom South Florida
Since 1986, Jewish radio host, RONI, has been playing the best of today's Jewish music with a taste of the past. "Shalom South Florida" is heard live every Sunday morning, from 9:00-10:00 AM, throughout South Florida on WLVJ (1040-AM).

Shmais Radio
Lubavitcher Radio station with news and music. They play lots of continuous music.

SomethingJewish Show
SomethingJewishwww.somethingjewish.co.uk has a radio show, which is on from 3.30pm to 4.30pm (London time) 10.30am to 11.30pm (New York time). Broadcast on Resonance104.4fm in London or you can log in at

Sound and Spirit
A public radio program that occasionally has Jewish music as a special feature, hosted and produced by Ellen Kushner, WGBH-FM, Boston and Public Radio International(PRI). Playlist archives are included on the site.

Sounds of the Jewish Musical Diaspora--WNUR
Jewish music from every corner of the globe is featured on 89.3 fm from Northwestern University evanston,ill. The show airs every Friday 12:30-2:00pm. Music on the show was recorded as far back as 1910, and is heard on wnur.org, which will access the net transmission. Spin Magazine called WNUR "the 1# station on the web." The show reaches most of Chicago and it's northern suburbs. http://wnur.org

Special Broadcasting Service: Yiddish Radio
For the home page of the Special Broadcasting Service in Australia. The "Streaming Audio on Demand" box allows you to select Yiddish. You'll hear this week's Yiddish program.

Sunday Simcha--Portland
Gail Wartell and Michael Atleson are alternate hosts of "Sunday Simcha," a fifteen-year-old Jewish music program airing every Sunday morning from 6:30 to 8:30 am on WMPG, Greater Portland Community Radio, 90.9 and 104.1 FM, also streaming live at www.wmpg.org. Gail has been a host of the program for about 7 years. The program features an eclectic blend of Jewish music from across the diaspora, including traditional, sacred, Sephardic, Eastern European, folk, rock, and "cutting edge" jazz and klezmer. They also provide news and announcements for the Maine Jewish community and occasionally mix in a dose of Jewish humor. They can be reached at WMPG-FM, 96 Falmouth Street, Box 9300, Portland, ME 04104-9300, or you may contact Michael via e-mail at michael.kate@rcn.com.

Sunday Simcha--Tampa
The Sunday Simcha runs the gamut in Jewish entertainment and information: music, local announcements, weekly Dvar Torah, interviews, and the occasional political rant. The audience has grown over the years and includes many non-Jews as well. The music is an eclectic mix, including Klezmer, Chassidic, Israeli, Yiddish, Ladino, Mizrachi, and contemporary. The Sunday Simcha is heard every Sunday in the Tampa Bay area and beyond on WMNF - 88.5 FM from 12-2 PM. The Simcha can be heard live on the internet and the website also keeps a year of archived programs and playlists (just in case you missed a show!) The show is hosted by Kevin Frye and Marc Rosenwasser. Kevin and Marc took the helm of the show after their friend Mike Eisenstadt, the show's host for 20 years, passed away Friday Sept. 2, 2005 from a long battle with cancer at age 54. Kevin is also the leader of The Mike Eisenstadt Band. To read an tribute to Mike Eisenstadt, go to Tampa Tribune: http://www.tampatrib.com/FloridaMetro/MGBILX7A5DE.html

With Mazal: Religious Jewish Radio
Zev Gruber, host. Sunday mornings from 10-11am on 1503am/mw (London), and live on the Internet: www.soundradio.info or www.svt.org.uk. Torah, Israel and Jewish news with the latest and greatest in Chassidic and modern religious Jewish music.
http://www.svt.org.uk or http://www.soundradio.info

Online Brazilian Radio that plays Yiddish and other Jewish music, Ladino, Hebrew, even Russian and plays all sorts of Jewish music 24 hours a day.

Yiddish Forward Hour
The Yiddish Forward Hour, transmitted every Saturday from 9-10 PM, on WMCA 570 AM, NYC, is likely the longest running Jewish radio program in the US. Past shows can be heard at:

The Yiddish Voice --WUNR
The Yiddish Voice is a local Boston Jewish music radio program heard on WUNR, 1600 AM, Brookline, MA. Wed. 7:30-8:30. "It's a general Yiddish-language radio program, featuring Jewish music, especially Yiddish and Cantorial, but also news,interviews, current events, comedy, public service announcements, etc. The language of the program is in Yiddish."

102FM Tel Aviv
Live Radio from "top 40" style station in Israel

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