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Online Music

**NEW**Gan HaLev
Mostly 4 voice, polyphonic midi files of Jewish z'mirot and holiday songs. MIDI files are provided for the piece as a whole, individual parts, and sections. Thanks to David ben Or, Choir Director of Gan HaLev, and also Andreas Wittenstein for allowing JMWC be able to share this website.

Aryeh Steiner's Jewish Music WebSite
Custom midis of Jewish songs by Aryeh Steiner for his page. The arrangements are "watered down versions of the originals." He also includes reviews of recordings, mostly of Orthodox artists. http://www.geocities.com/keyboardguy/midis.html

Shabbat--Friday Night Zmirot in Audio
Dovid Teitelbaum has made Shabbat Zmirot available in real audio files. The website is a project of Camp S'dei Chemed International. They are also adding stories from the weekly Parsha. Look for more additions to this site.

The An'im Zmirot Choir Rehovot
A listing of 31 Midi files for Adon Olam are a great feature of this website!

Ahavat Israel Jewish Music
This website has an alphabetical listing of Real Audio excerpts of Jewish Music. These are offered as part of a larger site created as part of an endeavor "to correct an ancient sin." This group feels the way to correct it is with "Ahavat Chinam", endless love. To that end that have mounted very mild, synthesizer arrangements of music. Excellent for children.

The Brooklyn (NY) Sephardic Community network (Shaare Zion Congregation) includes several sections on music including Sephardic Pizmonim with instrumentation and links to other Sephardic Resources.

A Collection of Chassic Niggunim
Y.S. Gutfreud, the sound engineer, should be credited for paying close attention to the quality of the music coming over the web from this site, as well as being sensitive to your download times. The chassidic site gives alternative forms for hearing some selected niggunim (songs)with full computer information for you to make judgements about what you'd like to receive.

Ellie's Torah Trope Tutor
Ellie Wackerman of Agudas Achim Congregation in Alexandria, Virginia, has taken the time to mount a Torah Trope tutor on the web. She provides standard Torah trope for Shabbat and holidays, including High Holy Days, the three pilgrimage Festivals (Shalosh Regalim) of Passover, Sukkot and Shavuot, and the trope for Purim. Ellie has a provided simple clear notation along with the trope.

HaGalil OnLine
A really exciting site from Hanover, Germany promoting Israeli, Jewish, Yiddish and Klezmer music as well as other cultural activities of Judaism from central Europe. Sophisticated Real Audio Direct Streaming Sound 24 Hours "radio" as well as sound selections from recordings. Features many selections of popular Israeli artists, old recordings, chazzanuth and much more. Features cultural sites and information about Jewish communities from Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Austria as well as other European nations.

**Hebreos Net: MIDIS Judaicos
A Latin American website devoted to the Jewish kehillah, including this extensive MIDI library of Jewish music. Started in La Plata, Argentina, the network has "...over 1000 members, including Jews living in Argentina, Israel, Canada, the United States, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, Bolivia, Brazil, and other countries. [They] have also held Mesibas [meetings] in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Israel, the United States, Mexico, and Venezuela."

The Israeli-Jewish-Yiddish-Hebrew-Folk-Cultural Music Midi Free Library
Midi files of music. Catagories listed as: Religious, Folk, Dance, Klezmer, and Modern. Lots of good electronic music.

Jacob Richman's Jewish Music Midis

Jewish Community Library of Los Angeles: Jewish Stories and Music
Features children's CDs of Pearl B., Craig Taubman and Karen Goldman. Includes audio files. The JCLLA site also features lists of age appropriate books.

Jewish Music
One of the largest, and diverse collection of Jewish music clips on the Internet.

Jewish Torah Audio/Jewish Songs
The Jewish Song online archive contains more than 100 audio clips of Jewish music online on the Internet. Real Audio is required. Ashkenaz and Sephardic songs are mounted including songs from rabat Morocco, Shlomo Carlbach and Chasidic niggunim.

Jewish Music Network
The Jewish Music Network includes online wave files for over 70 songs online with a searchable index by title or artist. Stereo sound is available.

Kalish on the Web
This website by John Kalish serves as a small radio archive of broadcasts from various NPR programs that deal with Jewish music topics. It also contains various columns by the author written for newspapers and wire services.

Israel at Eurovision. A website about the KdamEurovision Song Contest, a yearly music contest held in Israel for popular music. The top winners go on to the Eurovision contest, which is a coveted prize in popular music in Europe and leads to large recording contracts. This kdam website includes a listing for every contest held since 1973 with information and weblinks about the artists and songs. This site is a good place to learn about a history of pop music in Israel although there is no confirmation about the qualifications of the source of this information

Live Radio on the Web
A guide to radio stations broadcasting in Real Audio called "Mike's World". Scroll down to Israel and there are six different stations that can be listened to from Israel live. Must have Real Audio capabilities. Can listen to everything from Israeli "top-40-style" to Chassidic music.

Midi Citi: Jewish
Midi Citi provides some online Jewish songs, mounted by a British fan.

Music Room

Music of the Abayudaya Jews of Uganda
The Abayudaya music was recorded by Kohavim Tikvah, the youth singing group of the Abayudaya Congregation.

Shema Yisrael Music Section
A media intensive site, this page is a project of the Shema Yisrael Torah Network. It consists of a selection of webpages by various artists which provide a listing of their books and records with their contents. All sorts of music including children's, religious, Yiddish and Israeli and American Jewish secular songs are included. The jukebox experienced difficulties frequently.

Mendel Singer's All Kinds of Jewish Stuff Music Page
Sound clips of Chasidic music.

Tara Publications Virtual Listening Station
The Virtual Listening Station is an extensive list of excerpts from recordings using Real Audio. Tara Publications is both a publisher and distributor of Jewish music of all genres. Their website includes access descriptions of scores, books and sound recordings. Their page links to websites of active recording and performance artists and groups, and includes brief biographical sketches of artists and composers.

Torah Tots
Torah Tots is devoted to Jewish materials for very young children. The music section features the lyrics and MP3 or ra files of their songs. The style is rather a simple easy rock style.

Tunes: The Intelligent Music Network
For purchasing and hearing samples of music. Look under "world" music for cantorial and klezmer musical samples, such as recordings by the Klezmer Conservatory Orchestra. There are also Israeli and Middle Eastern recordings to play. Requires Real Audio. Offers an index of recordings by artists.

The Yiddish Voice Store
Mark David runs an online catalog for books, music, videos and computer software all concerned with Yiddish. Several of the recordings he is selling have samples to audition the music online.

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